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The savage group led by Alpha confronts the Hilltop in the harrowing try and retrieve her daughter. A supply operate with the Kingdom turns into a harmful quest.

Before you'll be able to add any subtitle file to any movie, you must ensure the exact SRT file for the particular movie format is downloaded from the best supply, which include Beneath are the measures to incorporate to any movie player you're utilizing to begin.

Ниган приходит на помощь, но случайно убивает Марго. Он снова за решеткой, александрийцы жаждут его смерти. Лидия даёт ему возможность сбежать, и сама оказывается в камере. Мишонн по рации разъясняет Дэрилу, как важна Лидия: она их гарантия в конфликте с Альфой, которая считает, что её дочь находится в Александрии в безопасности и только поэтому не уничтожает город окончательно. 

Like just about every other tv show, The whole lot of The Walking Dead universe is on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic along with the spin-off clearly show had just began output on sequence 6 when it absolutely was placed on maintain.

Хиллтоп в опасности из-за дерева, проломившего стену. Все подозревают, что это диверсия Шепчущихся. В Александрии Лидия подвергается травле со стороны жителей, потерявших близких из-за Шепчущихся. Неожиданно она находит друга и защитника со стороны Нигана. Мишонн спасает отчаявшегося Иезекииля от самоубийства, после чего они сливаются в страстном поцелуе. Тем временем Лидия загнана в угол и избита группой недоброжелателей.

Lee goes with Danny to discover the bandit camp but instead come upon a crazed girl named Jolene, who seems to grasp something in regards to the farm but is killed before she reveals it. Lee finds a battery-significantly less video digicam amid her belongings.

So she just grabs it off the table, receives knocked out, once more which time her clubing sister along with her "like oh my god i an so linked" will save her. This is actually the even worse published convoluted episode but. This remark consists of spoiler!!

Мы видим воспоминания Альфы о событиях семилетней давности, когда она, скитаясь с Лидией, встретила Бету. Тогда же возникла идея носить маски из кожи ходячих, и было положено начало Шепчущихся.

shelf-lifetime was minimal. The truth is, Robert Kirkman has said that Shane's Season two death was planned even before the collection' to start with episode was shot, and which the shocker would have happened in Season one if it experienced lasted for double its six-episode size.

To look at full episodes, you should have a cable provider that supports AMC's comprehensive episode support and you need to have AMC as component of the cable bundle.

Il gioco rispetta le mie aspettative, mi porta sempre su quel limite imposto in ogni scelta (cosa che accadeva anche nel primo) che io adoro tantissimo in questo tipo di gioco.

Daryl turns into uncomfortable when Carol begins going previous his boundaries; Alpha and Beta share reservations about a particular individual.

Rick's vision for the future is threatened by a mysterious disappearance that divides the function read more camp the place the communities are building a bridge.

Rick's forces split into separate get-togethers to assault quite a few from the Saviors' outposts, in the course of which many members from the team are killed; Eric is critically injured and rushed away by Aaron.

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